Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Rubric has successfully designed, developed, and implemented data warehousing and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for a number of its clients. Areas of expertise include: Planning and managing data warehouse projects Gathering business and data requirements for the data warehouse Designing and implementing the technical architecture to support the data warehouse Cleansing, summarizing, and processing the data from source systems into the data warehouse Ensuring that information in the data warehouse reconciles back to the source data With over two decades of experience in building enterprise strength solutions using best-of-breed OLAP, ETL, analysis, reporting and data warehousing tools Business Intelligence is a process to analyze the data and present litigable knowledge to facilitate business managers, end users and corporate executives to come up with the important business decisions. BI consists of several tools, methods and applications which make firms to gather date from external sources as well as internal systems make it for the purpose of analysis, enhance and run queries for data, and make reports, data visualizations and dashboards to create the logical results for corporate decision builders and operational workforce.

  1. Ensure a stable and accurate data warehouse that is accessible to all lines of business
  2. Enhance data quality and consistency
  3. Integrate data from multiple, diverse sources
  4. Ensure timely access to data
  5. Facilitate dynamic business decisions with accurate and current information
  6. Improve turnaround time for analysis and reporting
  7. Improve performance for complex analytical queries
  8. Relieve processing burden on transaction oriented databases
  9. Reduce cost to access historical data
  10. Relieve the development burden on IT
  11. Increase ROI
BI Reporting

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions can help address these challenges by unearthing the hidden value in information assets to facilitate informed and insightful decisions. A good BI strategy, supported by a solid base of BI technologies, can streamline business processes while also boosting productivity and profits. They can further help underpin strategic adjustments in near real-time, identify risks and threats, and ensure sustained growth and competitive advantage.

Our Methodology

Rubric it is a better to rely on facts for decisions rather on gut feeling. Furthermore, Business Intelligence also gives you the benefit to assess business performance from different angles. We extract all the important and relevant information from multiple sources. All the information is converted into intelligent facts and knowledge. Important data is filtered out and summarized. Our team also has the expertise to identify and predict the future trends. They will analyze and suggest the actions that need to be taken to reduce future risks and increasing benefits.

Our key differentiators
  1. Faster implementation of future actions and plans
  2. Detailed database of different industries and categories
  3. It ascertains the present position of the company
  4. Better planning of marketing strategies