Rubric is remarkably situated as the unchallenged leader in the Indian Cloud Infrastructure Services space. Truth be told, with web based provisioning and administration and flexible registering, we are one of just a chosen few players overall as of now fit for conveying the genuine force of the cloud readily available. As India’s driving overseen IT specialist organization, we have the aptitude, strength of cloud frameworks, oversaw administrations support and capacity to offer you the whole IT foundation in the cloud.

Our Cloud Service

Our Cloud Services allow organizations to move their workloads to a secure cloud environment where they can easily scale as their business grows, paying only for what they need, when they need it. Companies can setup and deploy applications on All Covered state-of-the-art Cloud Servers without having to build or maintain the infrastructure themselves and making them available to customers anywhere at any time.

Basically, cloud facilitating India is an arrangement of pooled figuring assets conveyed over the Internet. The Cloud Server India conveys a facilitating situation that doesn’t restrict an application to a particular arrangement of assets. Contingent upon the stage, an application can scale progressively and increment its share of assets on-the-fly.

Moving away from deployment models, broadly speaking there are 3 models of cloud computing which describe the service on offer; these are Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Our extremely well designed cloud computing architecture and framework also allows saving a lot of money for buying a variety of license Software’s for each and every computer. The user interface software needed for this is also very simple and extremely efficient. It not only requires little space but is also quite secure. We design all kinds of cloud computing architecture and their search framework too. We also offer extended support for our products at the most affordable prices.

The final cloud option is a hybrid cloud and this, as the name suggests, combines both public and private cloud elements. A hybrid cloud allows a company to maximise their efficiencies; by utilising the public cloud for non-sensitive operations while using a private setup for sensitive or mission critical operations, companies can ensure that their computing setup is ideal without paying any more than is necessary.

Our cloud experts also provide a valuable resource to organizations looking for the appropriate deployment pattern, technical architecture, and infrastructure capacity. There is also great choice in the level of security and management required in cloud deployments, with an option to suit almost any business

The focus is always on supporting your business strategy and helping you eliminate the investment and complexity associated with traditional infrastructure and software computing. Stapples can help you with as required.

  1. strategy development– define and reach strategic business goals with the cloud
  2. Cloud-managed services for enterprise applications
  3. Cloud road-map development– high-level project plans for cloud implementation with prioritization and phased timeline
  4. Cloud integration with service providers
  5. Aggregate, integrate and secure your cloud and on-premises IT services
  6. Cloud hosting – moving infrastructure management to a simplified, externally managed model